Yes, we are. Full service means that we will supply all the florals for your day, including bouquets, buttonholes, hair flowers, ceremony flowers and reception flowers. 

Our minimum spend is $350, for collection from our studio. We have a minimum spend of $1500 for on-site setups. That means, if you just need a bouquet and a buttonhole, we’re more than happy to help.

We do offer package options. There are 3 options: Essentials, Premium and Supreme. Just email us for additional details.

When you are ready to confirm your booking with us, we require a 30% non-refundable booking fee. This deposit guarantees our availability and secures your date with us. 

It entirely depends on the workload for your function. If it is a large, full-service wedding, then no we won’t. If we are just supplying bouquets and buttonholes, then yes, we will. As a florist with nearly 20 years of experience, we can be trusted to gauge the time needed to ensure we produce stunning, high-quality designs for you. Every wedding and function we do is given special attention to detail.

Yes, we’re happy to make amendments to your invoice. We need to confirm your final requirements, however, 2 full weeks before the function date. See our T&Cs for more details.

Yes, we do. Your invoice will have a delivery and setup fee, which will include delivery to 2 addresses (usually bride & groom), the setup and any pack down the following day. Check your quote or invoice for the delivery charge, as the fee will vary according to what we are required to do

No, there are no extra fees. Your invoice is itemised and includes all costs for your flowers and delivery and setup.

No, you don’t. In fact, we prefer it if you are not, as it adds to the anticipation for you, to see the florals and styling for the first time as bride and groom.

Yes, we are happy to do that for you. There is an additional fee, above the delivery/ set up fee for us to do that. We can include pricing in any quotes we complete for you.

Please refer to our T&Cs for refund details

There is a bit of a myth out there about the ‘wedding tax’ attached to anything that is supplied for weddings.  Wedding floristry involves a great deal more than just making a bunch of flowers and designing pretty arbours. The finished product that you see, is the result of many, many hours work.

We spend a lot of time working out your order requirements and placing the orders with the appropriate growers and wholesalers. Knowing which grower has what, is an important part of the preparation process. Then, we drive to Sydney ( leaving at 3am) to collect your flowers, carefully selecting particular colours and varieties. Once we have purchased everything (carrying load after load to our van), we navigate the awful peak hour Sydney traffic back to our studio in Newcastle. This process alone is about a 7 hour trip.

Then, we spend a couple of hours unpacking the van, filling buckets, cutting, stripping and conditioning each flower stem. There’s also preparation of sundries … washing vases, prepping arbours, containers, boxes, ribbons… the list goes on. So often, before we’ve even started making any designs, we have spent 12 hours just getting organised.

Designs are started, further prep continues…this continues until it’s time to deliver ( often at a pretty constant pace). We often work 12 hours in the day or days leading up to the function and on your wedding day (more for a midnight bump out). Weddings are often a minimum 30hrs, from go to whoa.  

We also have the boring business expenses to consider… insurance, staff costs, accountant fees, petrol, and vehicle expense. It’s not just the cost of purchasing flowers.  All this is taken into consideration when pricing your flowers.

No, I am happy to chat anytime over the phone, or to meet at our studio for an appointment at any time. If you do require an onsite visit for quoting, or additional consultation once you have booked, we will charge $65.

This can be a tricky one. We are working with Mother Nature, and while it is part of our job to advise on the best available options for your date, we cannot guarantee anything. We will do everything we can to supply a particular variety or colour for your bouquets, but we do reserve the right to substitute the best possible option if necessary.

Our aim is always to fulfill your order to the letter, but flexibility is sometimes necessary.

Generally, not. We use photos most commonly, to guide your styling requirements. We can make a sample if requested, for a fee.

We have some items available for hire. We can supply vases, plinths, arbours, fabric draping, easels, candles, tealights and many other items. Just add any requirements to your enquiry and we can supply pricing for you.

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